For fifty years, the Ontario, CA-based Salco Products has led the industry with its drip and low
volume irrigation equipment. Now under new leadership, Salco is celebrating their golden
anniversary by unveiling a new-look logo and website.

Salco Products was founded in 1967 by Sam Tobey. A pioneer in drip and low volume
irrigation technology, Tobey is credited with introducing flexible PVC tubing into landscape
irrigation applications. In the 1970s and 1980s, he introduced drip and low volume irrigation to
public areas, particularly along the expanding U.S. interstate highway system.
Today, Salco Products continues Tobey’s legacy, leading the way with the highest quality, most
reliable drip and low volume irrigation components in the industry. All Salco products are
manufactured with the highest-grade materials, and are delivered to the international
commercial and residential landscape markets by their multiple North American manufacturing