Landscape Dripline

Since 1967, it’s been our job to offer the highest quality dripline irrigation products possible. You can trust us to know the importance of laying a proper foundation for your landscaping project, and we’ll make sure you find exactly what you need. From low-volume micro dripline to pressure compensating dripline, Salco Products offers flexible options with the features that are right for your project.

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Filters & Fittings

Filters and fittings are critical products in every landscape drip irrigation project. Make sure you find just what you need to pull all the pieces together by looking at our extensive filters and fittings options. Salco Products allows for full project customization by giving you a long list of options for risers, manifolds, and Spintech technology filters. We make sure you can choose exactly what you and your clients need. Read more below or download our product catalog for specifications and details of our products.

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Emitters & Tubing

Salco Products offers a complete portfolio of single-outlet, multi-outlet, barbed, threaded, and grit-tolerant emitters that allow highly customizable, water efficient drip irrigation solutions. We also offer PE and flex-PVC distribution and supply tubing in any size your project may require. For more details, see our product list below.

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salco drip irrigation product catalog